Spring has sprung, it's the busiest time of year on farm!
The days are getting longer, warmer and sunnier and it's a lovely time to be on the farm! there are lots of new calves and they're enjoying frolicking in the sun. the mummy cows feed the calves for the first three months, and as the calves get older, they will start to eat hay and grass as well. 

with lots of fresh grass in the fields all us cows are producing a lot more milk. Grass usually grows the fastest in spring because of the good weather conditions. we check fields daily and move cows to fresh grass to make sure nothing goes to waste and the cows eat the most nutritious grass to make the best milk.

we monitor the cows' health closely to make sure they are healthy – you might not think it, but each dairy cow is an amazing athlete!

They eat about 18kgs of grass per day and walk for kilometres around the fields. If you add to that the 20 litres of milk carried around in their udders, you’ll begin to see why cow health is so important.
Just like cows need to be healthy, children need to be healthy too and enjoy the fresh spring air.