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The Ultimate Sunday Lunch for all the family. Taking meticulous care, we begin by tunnel boning the shank and then removing the shoulder blade before trimming away any excess fat and rolling the meat in just the right amount of skin. Tied traditionally every inch or so to ensure an even cook and simple carving for you at home.

Lamb shoulder (Boned and Rolled) 1.5kg

  • Four generations of the Smith family have been producing the finest quality beef and lamb since the early 1900’s. Hartlake is situated at the start of the Somerset levels nestled in view of the Glastonbury Tor. The farm boasts natural lush grasslands with a diverse ecosystem. The Smiths have been pioneers in producing livestock in harmony with the environment in a substantial extensive organic method. The family all work together all having their own areas of expertise with the key aspect of ensuring livestock is given maximum respect and the best quality of life.

    The family also have their own butchery which enables complete control from field to plate. The butchery operates in a traditional manner such as dry ageing meat and in conjunction it evolves with customer requirements such as the production of gluten free sausages and burgers.

    To satisfy demands when required only trusted local suppliers are used who believe in the same production principles as the family do.

  • All orders are processed on Thursdays and Fridays for delivery on Saturday.

    Delivery is free on orders over £25