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A great all-rounder, rump steak is a little firmer in texture than other steaks such as rib-eye or sirloin, adding character to the cut. It has a little less intramuscular fat and lends itself well to grilling or barbecuing, with less risk of charring than other steaks. We cut our rump steaks across the whole rump muscle, meaning you will get a little of the cap, canon and tail in each steak.


Season to taste. or choose our Pre-Seasoned Rump Steaks with our very own Exotic Pepper mix which is the perfect blend of black peppers from Cambodia Vietnam and India giving a fruity zingy hit with a perfect warmth and earthy undertones complimented with Maldon Sea Salt, no other fillers or preservatives.

Dexter Rump Steak 2x250g

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