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That old saying "you are what you eat" holds more truth now than it ever did before. Milk is our first food but, if you live in a large city this is as exciting as it gets. It’s a faceless commodity that supermarkets use as a loss leader to lure customers to their isles.


Despite the widespread use of images of cows in fields, labels on milk tell you very little about the farms milk comes from and the life that the cows are afforded. Standardised, homogenised, packed in plastic bottles and transported all over the country, a bottle of milk on a Bristol super market shelf is no different to that of one in Birmingham.

However, milk isn’t just white water, the milk that comes from each individual farm will have distinct qualities and taste. But, unfortunately the ‘terroir’ of milk is lost as big dairies pool milk from thousands of different farms, stripping it of its provenance.  With the increasing consumer concern about what’s in their food, what’s been taken out, how it was produced, and where it comes from, Simple Cow is here to give people real alternative.

The milk, the whole milk and nothing but the milk

All milk is 97% fat free so why on earth would you want to remove the best bit of the milk to reduce this. The cream is packed with essential nutrients, including fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.


These vitamins are key. Once consumed, they send a signal to your brain. Then you feel full. Why? Because your body has what it needs to do its important jobs.

Eating whole foods–especially eating balanced meals and snacks made of whole foods, prevents you from overeating. This combination of natural food contains the energy and nutrients your body needs. Then you feel satisfied.

Our milk is how mother nature intended it's 100% whole and as a result, super yummy!

Udder to fridge in less than 24 hours

Have you ever wondered what happens to the supermarket milk before it gets to the shelf? Let me tell you..

Super market milk

A litre of milk is produced somewhere. It is stored at the farm for up to 48 hours before it then travels for processing by a large industrial plant. Here it is mixed with milk from hundreds of farms before it undergoes several processes, including pasteurisation, separation, standardisation and homogenisation, before finally being packaged into plastic bottles. After this it needs to travel again, firstly to a distribution centre and then to a supermarket. After a short period of use the packaging ends up in the waste bin whilst the consumer has consumed milk with little taste, that has travelled hundreds of miles, which impoverishes the producers and harms the environment. This is unsustainable.

Simple Cow Milk

A litre of milk is produced on our own local farm, no more than a few miles from the vending machine. That milk is pasteurised and…… NOTHING ELSE. It is then delivered to the vending machine in less than 24hrs from which the consumer can buy a reusable glass bottle or bring their own container and enjoy an incredible tasting, fresh, indulgent and healthy product, one of nature’s few ‘whole foods’.

The environment benefits from less CO₂ emissions and less plastic waste. The consumer gets milk like nature intended. A win-win situation for the producer, the consumer, the market, the community and the environment. 


Now, this is sustainable.



Non homogenised

Unlike shop milk, which is, standardised, homogenised and subjected to high speed pasteurising, our milk has had minimal processing. It's simply and gently pasteurised and nothing else. 

But what is homogenisation and why could it be bad for you?

Homogenisation: This high-pressured mechanical process also extends the milk’s expiry date and prevents the fat in milk from separating; cream naturally rises to the top in our milk. 


For 10000 years humans have been drinking milk and its only in the last 60, big dairies decided that milk needed to be homogenised. 

Foods in their natural sate are better for you and that's what simple cow provides

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