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Simple Cow

superlative milk

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Discover ethical milk near you

Simple cow delivers the highest quality, gently pasteurised, non homogenised, farm fresh local milk from one dairy, traceable down to the very cow that made it. 

Our milk comes straight from the grass to you. On its way we only pasteurise and cool it. We want you to have milk as it should be and as nature intended. Unlike supermarket milk, our milk is from a single source and as a result you should be able to taste changes in the milk as the cows graze different pastures and as the seasons change.

Simple cow milk stations

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You‘re one step closer to removing single-use plastic from your household.

Bring your own reusable container and fill it at any of our milk dispensers.

All our machines are open around the clock and are refilled daily. you can buy one of our reusable glass bottles or bring your own container.

All machines accept cash and contactless.

Find a milk station

The Village hall
Wells Road

The Moorefields

73 Third Avenue

Oldfield Park


If you have a location, which would be suitable for one of our vending machines, such as a farm shop, garden centre, pub or similar, please click on the link below to get in touch with us.


Cargo bike milk delivery Bath

With such amazing feedback for our  milk and our desire to cut the amount of single use plastic whilst also making ethical milk more available, we are considering a new milk delivery service for the Bath area.

Milk will be delivered two days a week (delivery days dependant on your area), and will be conducted using our own electric bikes

This idea is very much at the early stages and its success fully depends on demand.

If you feel this is something you may be interested in, please let us know in the application form below and also tell your neighbours!


Whole sale milk

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66% of customers consider ethics when choosing where to eat

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1/4 of customers select environmentally friendly restaurants as a priority

Do you own a café or restaurant? if so, you will know its impossible to hide from the growth in the ‘caring consumer’. we are particularly thrilled about this because its what Simple Cow embodies:

Compassionate Milk


40 cows for less environmental impact

Mixed breed herd where all calves have a value

Calves and cows are not separated

No unnecessary antibiotics

100% free range and grass fed

Sustainable Milk


90% renewable energy

Locally produced

Zero plastic

Fewer food miles

Diverse pastures, flora, and fauna

Simple Milk

Gently pasteurised

Non homogenised – the cream rises to the top like it should!

Non standardised – all the vitamins get absorbed into your body!

Fresh daily (grass to glass in less than 24hrs)

If you would be interested in providing ethical, sustainable milk to your customers, please get in touch. Milk can be delivered up to twice a week in reusable cans drastically reducing your waste