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We’re the little dairy farm that could… adding compassion, sustainability and simplicity to every litre of milk.

And while we were at it, we subtracted the plastic.

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We're not like other milk.

We are small, innovative and caring, championing a more positive dairy world.

Compassionate ethical milk

All our calves stay with their mothers. 

Calves drink when they want to. We take whatever milk is left. 


When the calves are old enough, mother and calf go their separate ways – just like they would in nature.


No heartbreak, no mourning. 

Just happy cows and calves living as they naturally would.

sustainable milk

You‘re one step closer to removing single-use plastic from your household. Bring your own reusable container and fill it at any of our milk dispensers.


a Local farmer supplying their local community with milk produced in a way that doesn’t damage the environment.

Sustainable farming is about balance – animals, plants and crops working together in a mutually beneficial way

simple milk

from grass to glass. Milk that is simply pasteurised and available to you within 24 hrs. No Homogenisation, no standardisation and no plastic 

Dairy farming the Simple Way

It strikes us that if we blend the right mix of old fashioned animal husbandry with great science and modern technology, dairy farming can very much be conducted on the cows’ terms.

We don’t think we are profoundly clever or anything, but we do, profoundly, care. Importantly, we know we are not alone. We have had hundreds and hundreds of conversations with other people who care equally about animals and the lot of the dairy cow.

Simple Cow is for that kindred spirit, and providing them with the chance to make choices that sit comfortably. Simple Cow is about asking, should economics win over ethics and compassion? We believe that one does not need to come at the expense of the other.

Our Milk


whole, non homogenised, gently pasteurised milk with added compassion, sustainability and simplicity