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Our lovely Cows

Are your cows free range?

Yes! Actually, it's better than that. Compasion in World Farming suggest cows should be grazed for a minimum of 180 days. Our cows have the luxury of nearer 200 days grazing our rich grass. They only come inside during the wet horrible months (usually December to March) where they are treated to soft warm straw beds and eat conserved grass silage made on our farm during the summer.

What breed of cows do you have?

Our cows are all sorts of shades of red, brown, fawn and black and some even look spotty or splodgy. That’s because we farm with what’s called a Mixed Breed Herd made up of British Friesians, Shorthorn, Ayrshires, Montbeliarde, Brown Swiss and Jersey. It’s a more gentle, ethical and traditional approach to dairying. Our mix of cows results in a herd with a mellow nature. Our cows calve easily and enjoy a long life span. And most importantly to us the female and male calves are both of value on the farm. Many dairies achieve a high milk yield by using a Holstein herd but we know our way has the animal’s welfare as top priority so we’re quite happy to have lower milk yields for the well-being of our cows.

Do you artificially inseminate your cows?

No, we believe in a more traditional, natural and kinder approach. Our cows have a couple of handsome boys that live with them all year round and the ladies let them know when they're broody.

Do you use routine antibiotics?

Absolutely not. We only use antibiotics in the rare event of a cow being really ill.

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