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Superior milk makes a superior cup of coffee.

Making an amazing cup of coffee at home or at your own coffee shop? Simple Cow has got you covered. Nature loaded up  milk with high levels of key incredible components, namely milkfat and protein, that make for the perfect cup. Our grass fed milk British Frisian  milk is endowed by nature with the perfect balance of fat and protein to give an amazing robust, creamy mouthfeel and foamability.

Pouring Coffee

At home barista

Making a better cup of coffee every day?

You don’t need to be an uber barista to make a great cup of coffee at home – you just need good ingredients. Couple your fav freshly-ground Ethiopian blend with Simple Cow milk for a barista-level cup of bold flavour and velvety smoothness.


Science meets art: it’s all about the fat and protein

Milk is mostly made of water, fat, protein and lactose (sugar). The concentration and balance among these four main components are at the heart of the science behind a great cup of coffee. Fat and protein are the main active agents behind flavour and rounded mouthfeel and also make steamed milk formable. Good foam ratio comes from the right balance of milk fat globules and protein. Our British Frisian milk is optimized for coffee by natural balance inherent to superior-quality milk.


Fat is what gives milk its rounded mouthfeel. The rounded mouthfeel is enhanced by steaming the milk because the fats melt; therefore, the more fat there is in milk, the silver it becomes when steamed and the higher the flavor and velvety smoothness of the complete cup of coffee.

Milk with more protein has a more stable foam structure and are crucial in creating the surface of air bubbles in milk foams.Introducing air into coffee by steaming leads to an unstable interface between air and water, which needs to be stabilized by the adsorption of “surface-active components” made up of proteins. The proteins attach to the surface of the air bubbles and stabilize them. The milk proteins form a stable surface layer, resulting in stable foam.

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66% of customers consider ethics when choosing where to eat

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1/4 of customers select environmentally friendly restaurants as a priority

Do you own a café or restaurant? if so, you will know its impossible to hide from the growth in the ‘caring consumer’. we are particularly thrilled about this because its what Simple Cow embodies:

Compassionate Milk


40 cows for less environmental impact

Mixed breed herd where all calves have a value

Calves and cows are not separated

No unnecessary antibiotics

100% free range and grass fed

Sustainable Milk


90% renewable energy

Locally produced

Zero plastic

Fewer food miles

Diverse pastures, flora, and fauna

Simple Milk

Gently pasteurised

Non homogenised – the cream rises to the top like it should!

Non standardised – all the vitamins get absorbed into your body!

Fresh daily (grass to glass in less than 24hrs)

If you would be interested in providing ethical, sustainable milk to your customers, please get in touch. Milk can be delivered up to twice a week in reusable cans drastically reducing your waste 

What our customers say

 “My husband and I discovered your milk recently and not only is it by far the BEST tasting milk we have ever had, it is the only cows milk we have been able to tolerate for years. I have been sensitive to dairy since I was a child and completely gave it up a few years ago due to joint pain and lactose intolerance symptoms.. Thank you for providing such an amazing product!”

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