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Simple Cow

superlative milk

Compassionate - Sustainable - Simple

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What makes Simple Cow unique?

For generations, we enjoyed local milk fresh from the farm, delivered in clear glass bottles with the delicious rich cream rising to the top. Our milk tastes just like milk used to, and every litre comes from a single, non-industrial, low volume, compassionate and sustainable farm. 



Rich, creamy flavour and a distinct golden hue that brings you back to when milk was delivered fresh every day


Regenerative farming practices focus on stewardship of the entire ecosystem from soil health to biodiversity & natural pastures



Naturally-superior nutrition with 3x omega-3, 4% milkfat, 15% more protein, 12% more calcium & 35% more Vitamins A&D


No cow and calf separation. Calves drink what they want and we take the rest. Once a day milking and access to pasture 365 days a year

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Reconnecting you to nature

Milk that is better for your health and the planet

Our Milk


We purposely skip any processing of the natural milk fat levels that our cows produce so our Milk will range from 4-5% milk fat. We then choose to low-heat VAT pasteurize our milk to preserve the delicious flavour of our Milk and keep it as nutrient rich as possible. We also never homogenize our milk so you will have a beautiful cream top, as full fat milk should have!


Milk from a happy place

produced with cows living happily with their calves by their side 

What our customers say

 “My husband and I discovered your milk recently and not only is it by far the BEST tasting milk we have ever had, it is the only cows milk we have been able to tolerate for years. I have been sensitive to dairy since I was a child and completely gave it up a few years ago due to joint pain and lactose intolerance symptoms.. Thank you for providing such an amazing product!”

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