Farm fresh, plastic free milk vending


For generations, we enjoyed British milk fresh from the farm.

Produced by small, traditional family businesses and from pasture fed, free range cows, this milk was delivered in clear glass, reusable bottles with the delicious rich cream rising to the top.

​Simple Cow invites you to rediscover that tradition​​​

Our milk tastes just like milk used to, and every litre comes from our own, small, traditional farm.

Milk is simple and pure - and we're keeping it that way.


50 Cows

Our cows are treated as individuals not milk factories

Fewer food

Our milk only travels a maximum of 15 miles and is never more than 24 hours old

85% Renewable energy

 Our own solar panels and 30 metre wind turbine produce 85% of our electricity


Customers simply fill one of our glass bottles with local pasteurised milk. Once enjoyed, the bottle can be cleaned and refilled again and again. 

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Purchase  a 1 litre glass bottle


Fill your bottle with fresh whole milk from our vending machine


Keep refrigerated under 4° and use within 4 days


Simply wash your glass bottle after use, ready for your next refill!


I come from a long, proud line of dairy farmers; for over 100 years, my family has worked hard to sustainably produce the best milk you can buy.  For us it’s more than a business, it’s what we live and breathe.

 I know that passion alone is not enough to keep my family on the land, nor are generations of knowledge, a commitment to sustainable farming, or our small herd of beautiful cows. Together, these achievements, big and small, amount to something precious; that’s what we call Simple Cow.

I started Simple Cow to deliver the best-tasting, single source milk to as many people as possible. It’s our belief that this shouldn’t be reserved for the lucky few; it should be readily available to many, supporting the economy in which it was made.


Our farm on the Mendip Hills  produces milk from start to finish; milking through pasteurising and into the vending machines. The intimacy of our process is what guarantees the integrity, quality and health benefits of our delicious single source milk.

Where to find us

Chilcompton Village Hall BA3 4EX

The Pumphouse, Marchants Rd. Hotwells, Bristol

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