When all you want is the purity of wholesome
farm-fresh milk, and nothing more.

For generations, we enjoyed LOCAL milk fresh from the farm, delivered in clear glass bottles with the delicious rich cream rising to the top. SIMPLE COW invites you to rediscover that tradition.


Our milk tastes just like milk used to, and every litre COMES FROM OUR SMALL TRADITIONAL FARM, so you know exactly where it comes from. Milk is simple and pure - and we're keeping it that way. 



Compassionate Milk

40 cows

Mixed breed herd

Once a day milking

Cows stay with calves

No unnecessary antibiotics

Truly free range

Totally grass fed

No soya


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Sustainable Milk

100% Renewable energy 

160 Acres of diverse pasture

80 Acres of woodland

8 miles of ancient hedgerow

3 Acres of natural ponds

6 bee hives

No monoculture

No pesticides or herbicides


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Simple Milk

Not over processed

Gently Pasteurised

Non Homogenised

Non standardised

No plastic packaging

Fewer food miles

Super fresh

Never more than 24hrs old


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What our customer say

" The milk is simply wonderful, both in taste and ethics. It reminds me of the milk I had as a child, straight from the farm"


—  Elizabeth D.

Our Milk

whole, non homogenised, gently pasteurised milk with added compassion, sustainability and simplicity

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